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by Amelia Old
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This week's product review and feature is Olives Organic Botanicals

Facing diaper rash issues with her first born, Trina Felber set out to research and develop an all natural solution for the irritation her daughter dealt with. Olives Organic Botanicals was born in 2009, one year after her daughter! 

Since creating Babies Butt Balm, Trina has developed pregnancy care, body care and face care products.  

Personally, I had never used a Shampoo Bar until Olives Organic Botanicals.  I seriously fell in love! So easy to use and my hair was left with a gorgeous shine! Not to mention, I always find it refreshing when using products with ZERO chemicals. 100% pure, organic and natural! 

I also love their Lip Replenisher. I have an obsession with chapstick/lip balm and found this replenisher to soften and sooth my lips immediately. I definitely need to stock up on this product before the Winter!!!

I am also getting ready to test the Olives Organic Deodorant. I am sure it won't leave me disappointed. 

I also love that all products are made fresh to order. Olives does not have products lined on shelves, waiting to be sent out. Your order is made fresh for YOU!

This line receives thumbs up from Pretty in the Queen City.

Trina Felber, Owner of Olives Organic Botanicals, took some time to share her own beauty tips with Pretty in the Queen City readers.


(Trina Felber with her three children) 

You spend your life creating products to help others feel good about themselves, how do you pamper yourself after a long week? Hmmm. I had twins 10 weeks ago, and I have a two year old so if I can get a 20 minute hot bubble bath right now- that is heaven!! Otherwise, after a long week, a deep tissue massage with hot rocks cleanses my body and mind.

What is your beauty product must have? My must have beauty product is my Facial Replenisher Bundle. I tend to have dry skin so I use the pomegranate skin treatment system. The facial cleanser is unlike any you have tried. It is a liquid and since I do not water down any of my products, one milliliter is all you need. You apply it to dry skin and can let it sit for up to one minute then wash/ lather and rinse with water. My toner sets the skin for the moisturizer. And…. Ahhh! My moisturizers and serums are incredible. They really lay a protective foundation from natural elements. They are an incredible base for makeup application and are loaded with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids. All of my products are organic, noncomedogenic (do not block pores) and the scent is derived from the natural scent of the ingredients. All of my products are anti-aging (another bonus!).

If I were to peek in your makeup bag, what would I find? Lipstick…. Probably a pink-chocolate and my facial moisturizer. It really gives my skin a refreshed, natural glow and can be applied anywhere and anytime!

What spa/salon service can you not live without? I workout pretty hard 5-6 days a week. I am hooked on CrossFit Akron, so I really need the deep tissue massages to help my body recuperate.

Who is your beauty icon? I love Jackie O. Simplistic style. Grace. Poise. Natural beauty.

What is your definition of Beauty? True beauty is natural and abstract. It's the feeling that you get when you experience something or someone. It's the inner qualities that define the exterior. It's all of the tiny facets that fuse to make the whole.

Any last words?  Olive’s Organic Botanicals originated when I searched for organic products made with natural ingredients for my newborn daughter. I found numerous organic products, but most still contained questionable ingredients that could be harmful to a newborn’s still developing neurological system.

My nursing background, along with my personal values and philosophy, drove me to research natural treatments for skincare. Olives's Organic Botanicals was born. My staple ingredient is olive oil, which has numerous benefits for healthy, vibrant, youthful skin.

I make products for babies, adult facial and body care and for the special needs of the pregnant woman. My Facial Replenisher Cleanser with Carrot Seed has been my best seller so far. I am currently working on a facial exfoliator with sea salt and sea kelp that I am really excited about.

All of my ingredients are from mother earth herself. No artificial ingredients are ever used. I use organic whenever possible and most of my products are 100% organic. I do not do any testing on animals…. Just my husband! Furthermore, all of my ingredients are the highest, food grade quality.

What makes my products stand out from the rest? They are all hand blended by me and made fresh to order. I do not have shelves filled with ready-made products waiting for a home. When a client orders from me, their products are made fresh and shipped within 48 hours. Since I make everything fresh to order, I find no reason to include preservatives in my products. Products will remain fresh and safe to use for up to 18 months (unless otherwise stated).

I truly enjoy making organic, natural, healthy products… But the best satisfaction is getting a second, third, fourth etc. order from a client. Knowing they love the products enough to reorder makes my day!

Interested in purchasing the Shampoo Bar or Lip Replenisher I mentioned above? Want to check out the entire Olives Organic Botanicals line? 

You may visit Olives Organic Botanicals on the Web at

Use the code "Pretty2010" for 10% off your entire order courtesy of Olives Organic Botanicals!!!

(Editor's Note: Compensation was not received for this review. These are my own opinions based on product samples provided by Olives Organic Botanicals)

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