An Interview with Skincare Expert; Stuart Kaplan, M.D.

by Amelia Old
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A few weeks ago, I shared a review of the line, kaplanMD which was created by Beverly Hills Dermatologist, Dr. Stuart Kaplan. I must say, no wonder stars such as Kate Beckinsale, Sienna Miller, Mariska Hargity, Minnie Driver, Anne Heche, Emmy Rossum and Aisha Tyler trust Dr. Kaplan and the kaplanMD brand. It is FABULOUS.

Dr. Kaplan took some time out of his busy schedule for an interview via email with Pretty in the Queen City to share his personal inspiration and skincare tips.   

  Stuart Kaplan Photo                                                                                              (Stuart Kaplan, M.D.)


What inspired you to become a Dermatologist? I knew I always wanted to be a doctor. I also love a challenge, and Dermatology is one of the hardest specialties to get accepted into. The skin is the body’s largest organ, so whatever is unsound physically or emotionally inside, is reflected on the skin outside. It is also one of the few specialties where you can combine your medical and cosmetic skills to help people feel and look their best. Dermatology covers everything from skin cancer, hair loss, and acne, to Botox and Laser Skin Resurfacing.

Aside from your core skincare line, what are three treatment products you would recommend?

1) Cell Renewing Microfoliant, which is an extremely gentle skin polish that can be used every day. The purpose of an exfoliant is to gently remove dead skin cells to allow new skin cells to push to the surface. It is far better for your skin to use a gentle exfoliant more often, than to use a harsh exfoliant that abrades and irritates the skin.

2) Perfecting Serum. The 50% hyaluronic acid, combined with the peptides, Soy, and Ameliox, gives skin unparalled hydration, lubricity and skin lifting. This is a must-have product that can be used throughout the year, on any skin type, and is especially effective if used after exfoliating the skin.

3) Firming Masque, which contains a plethora of active ingredients to firm, tighten and brighten skin. The unique formula is gentle enough even for sensitive skin, and can be used 3-4 times a week.

KaplanMD Group All 


 kaplanMD is the only skincare line formulated to focus on three types of anti-aging: time,environmental damage and natural hormonal progression. Each product includes kaplanMD's exclusive Phytogenic Triactive Complex. What are these skin-friendly ingredients and why are they so beneficial to our skin?  The Phytogenic Triactive Complex is the result of many years of researching phytoestrogens, or plant-derived substances, that have estrogen-like properties. Studies have shown that both men and women experience an imbalance of estrogen levels starting in our late 20s. The reason this is so detrimental for the skin is because estrogen maintains and regulates 3 key components of the skin: Collagen, Elastic Tissue and Hyaluronic Acid. It is these 3 components of our skin that give our skin structure, hydration and elasticity. Plant-based estrogens can mimic the positive effects of estrogen on the skin, without the side effects of synthetic estrogen.

Scientific studies show the most potent plant-based estrogens for the skin are Soy, Black Cohosh and Grapeseed Extract. Collectively, these three powerful ingredients make up the kaplanMD Phytogenic Triactive Complex. These extracts work to increase skin thickness, hydration, and  firmness while repairing cell structure degeneration. Encapsulated in a patented microsphere  time-release delivery system, this restorative formula actually penetrates deep within the skin for maximum effectiveness.

You devote your life to improving the lives of others thru the many organizations you are involved with as well as your private practice. At the end of the week, what do you do to take time for yourself? I am an avid movie fan, especially foreign movies. On the weekends, if you don’t see me at the dog park with my dogs, you will usually find me at the movie theater.

Do you have a spa/salon service that you can't live without? If so, what is it and where do you go? Botox Injections! I was one of the first dermatologists in Beverly Hills to offer Botox injections, and  have lectured and taught other dermatologists on how to inject it properly. It is definitely an art, and I advise any of your readers who are considering Botox to research the doctor’s background and expertise. There is an intricate network of muscles in our face, and understanding this structure  and how it all works together is extremely important to delivering the best result. Remember, the best result is looking your best, without looking like you have had anything done. I have been self-injecting Botox to my frown lines and crow’s feet for 15 years, and it is the one beauty treatment I cannot live without.

 You are surrounded by physical beauty daily, What is your personal definition of Beauty? Physical beauty to me is having healthy, radiant skin. Let me explain this: The skin is our body’s largest organ. If you are physically and emotionally healthy, your skin reflects your state of well-being.


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Interested in Dr. Kaplan's private practice?

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