How do you define Beauty?

by Amelia Old
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What is beauty? Where does it come from? Some say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Some see beauty as a physical attribute. Young and old alike yearn to be like the starlets they see on television. Hollywood is based around the glamour and beauty of the actresses that grace our screens. It took many years for me to determine what true beauty was. The beauty that is real lies within and it’s something we must accept before anyone else in our lives can.

I’ve talked to many teenagers throughout the years regarding their versions of beauty. It’s normally the same answer: the designer clothes, the new car, and the most popular students. It’s important for you, no matter your age, to realize that your size, race or even the cliques you were involved in at school are not going to separate you from going through fears relating to your own image. We all feel ugly at times. We all, at some point in our life, go through something similar.

No relationship can repair your self-image. Being the most popular in school is not going to further your life goals.When you step into a potential employer’s office, they will not ask what clique you were involved with. Your future colleagues are not going to base your relationship on what type of designer clothes you wore when you were younger. No one is going to care what kind of car you drove when you were sixteen.

It’s so important to realize what truly matters and that is the way you see yourself. If you think highly of yourself then everything else will fall into place. No one else can love you, respect you, or admire you until you feel that way about yourself.

So many teenagers are inspired by what they see on TV. As a former agent, I played an active role in the entertainment industry. I can say first hand that many of the people you admire are sad individuals. Not all, but many. How would you like it if your entire life was monitored? Any mistake you made or decision you chose is published in every magazine and broad-casted on every entertainment news show. The models in magazines that you envy are airbrushed. They have the same flaws we do if not more! It’s a business of constant judgment. Judgment that leads to eating disorders, addictions and even worse…suicide.

Keep in mind that we all came from a different mom and dad. None of us were meant to be the same. We aren’t meant to have the same body type, the same hair style or the same talents. We are all here for a purpose. Don’t overlook that and spend your life trying to live out the life of someone else. You only get one chance. We are accountable for our own decisions and you never want to go through life wondering “what if?”

Accept yourself. Love yourself. Know that the beauty you have is not in your physical characteristics but in your eyes. The love, compassion and life you have can be seen in your eyes. That makes you beautiful.

How do you define Beauty?


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