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More than ever, businesses and customers alike are becoming aware of how their decisions are affecting our planet. In order to make it easy for travelers to be on the right side in the fight against climate change, has partnered with Musement, a platform offering unique activities around the world, to launch a new series of social impact experiences: Travel For A Cause. Provided by, these experiences include immersive cultural activities such as tours, workshops, classes, and more — and they are all environmentally, culturally, and economically sustainable. Now, when travelers are looking for fun experiences in new cities, they can rest assured that they’ll be eco-friendly too.

So, for your convenience, and in honor of Environment Day this June 5th, we’ve come up with a list of 10 of the best Travel For A Cause experiences that allow visitors to make an immediate and lasting impact on the environment while immersing themselves in the community.


Roam the Amazon Rainforest in Peru

The Amazon Cloud Forest is one of Peru’s natural wonders. Conserve its flora and fauna when you embark on this 3-day trek. You’ll get to witness the rare birds and orchids indigenous to the region and learn about traditional life. Plus, trek revenue will be invested in preserving this valuable rainforest.

Hike Through the Sierra Gorda Mountains in Mexico

This Mexico mountain range is known for its lush greenery and vibrant wildlife. See it in person while also helping to conserve its natural resources when you join this hike through waterfalls, springs, and tucked-away towns. Revenue from this experience will be invested in protecting this ecological site and the communities who inhabit it.

Forage for Fruit and Vegetables in Tel Aviv, Israel

Reduce your environmental impact while discovering Israel in an exciting way! Forage for food in the wild, learn how to grow edible plants, and become one with nature on this half-day tour. Tour revenue will be invested in spreading education about urban ecology and sustainable living.

Take an Eco-Friendly Walk Through Santiago, Chile

Chile’s capital city is rich in culture and history. Learn about it on this walking tour with an environmentally conscious twist. Not only will you get to visit Santiago’s central market, explore famous  sites, and take home a reusable eco-friendly bag — but you’ll also know that revenue from the tour will be invested in local sustainable tourism projects,raising awareness of environmentally responsible practices.

Make Environmentally Conscious Crafts in Bangkok, Thailand

In this art class in Thailand’s capital, create your own notebook from recycled paper. The 2-hour workshop is great for those who want an off-the-beaten-path experience that gives back to the local community. The workshop’s revenue will be invested in providing notebooks to children in the country’s rural areas.

Trek the Himalayas in India

Spend a night in a Himalayan village in northern India. Not only will you experience the cultural traditions, amazing vistas, and unforgettable interactions with locals — you’ll also be participating in ethical ecotourism, which supports development work in the region, such as the construction of solar-powered homes and greenhouses.

Take a Sustainable Bike Tour of San Juan, Puerto Rico

Explore Puerto Rico’s biggest city on two wheels while supporting the local environment. Drastically reduce your carbon footprint by opting for a bike tour over a car or bus tour. You’ll be able to explore off-the-beaten-path areas, and know tour revenue will be invested in local community-based ecotourism efforts, including the reduction of pollution!

Participate in Paris Permaculture, France

If you want a new way of seeing France’s capital, join this urban gardening workshop. Instead of being trapped in a crowd of tourists, you’ll get to reconnect with nature by cultivating vegetables using recycled materials. And, revenue from your visit promotes permaculture and smart eco-friendly decision-making.  

Help Grow a Garden in London, United Kingdom

Whether or not you have a natural green thumb, you can make an impact on London’s environment by joining this activity. Here, you’ll inject new life into neglected urban spaces by sowing seeds and caring for plants. Plus, your revenue from your visit will be invested in offering free community workshops on local food growth.

Experience Birdwatching in Barcelona, Spain

Explore Barcelona through a birdwatcher’s lens on a unique walking tour — all while supporting the preservation of urban biodiversity. Visit two famous parks in Barcelona to observe Mediterranean bird species and hear the history of the city. Then, enjoy local tapas and a drink at a popular local spot for an authentic Spanish experience!

In partnership with, Musement’s Travel For A Cause page contains thousands more sustainable travel options in more than 80 countries. Click the link to start planning your next meaningful trip!

About  Musement

Musement gives access to a meticulous selection of the best local experiences specially chosen by local people, which makes it a unique company that recommends the most autochthonous activities so you can live each city as if it were yours. Musement was founded with an investment of € 15.3 million from International VC, 360 Capital Partners and P101. In just four years since its launch, Musement, founded by 4 partners, with more than 130 employees and headquartered in Milan, serves more than 1000 destinations in more than 70 countries. In Spain, currently, they are active in 35 cities with more than 900 events with a projection to finish 2018 with more than 40 cities and 1200 events. Currently Musement has 500K users.


Founded in New York, offers travelers a wide range of experiences and activities through certified charities such as the European Network for Responsible Tourism and Hospitality and Fair Trade Tourism. With the exception of booking expenses, all proceeds go to the organization offering the tour. The objective is to ensure that the funds raised can reach directly to local communities and be invested in them.


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