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Three Unique Things to See and Do in Tooele County, Utah

*This post is sponsored by Tooele County however all opinions are my own.

I have visited Utah a few times over the years. Each trip was for work so I never had the opportunity to truly experience the area. This is really a shame because there’s some incredible things to see and do just a short drive from the state capital Salt Lake City. Twenty five minutes from the Salt Lake City airport is Tooele ( too-will-uh) County which is located in the north western part of the state. The first settlement in the area was in the 1800s which means there’s a great deal of historical landmarks to stop and see. There’s also hiking, biking, camping, hunting, and even scuba diving!

Tooele also has some other pretty unique things to enjoy. Here’s three things to see and do in Tooele County that I think you and your family will love.

Bonneville Salt Flats

I have always wanted to visit the Salar de Uyuni  in Bolivia. This is high on my Travel Bucket List. But, did you know that you can see something just as beautiful right in Utah? The Bonneville Salt Flats is the largest salt flat located west of the Great Salt Lake. These salt flats are known for the car racing that take place in the flats at the Bonneville Speedway. It’s said that if you believe what your eyes see then you’d be looking at water that goes on forever. The ancient Lake Bonneville filled most of the Great Basin. When it began to dry up, the water became salty. This left salt deposits in areas which formed the Salt Flats.

The Bonneville Salt Flats stretches across 30,000 acres. I find it interesting that car racing has been taking place here since the late 1800s with drivers returning year after year to break land speed records. Many drivers have hit record speeds between 400-600 mph! I honestly could not even imagine being in one of those cars.

Each year the World of Speed event is held at the salt flats where you can of course enjoy watching cars and motorcycles speed by but do you know what else you may catch a glimpse of? Bar stool racing! Can’t make this up friends. The bar stools are limited to electric power and some records indicate that these bar stools have hit over 50mph! There’s truly something for everyone.



Pony Express National Historic Trail

“Men Wanted” The undersigned wishes to hire ten or a dozen men, familiar with the management of horses, as hostlers, or riders on the Overland Express Route via Salt Lake City. Wages $50 per month and found.” – Ad in Sacramento Union, March 19, 1860.

Operating for only 18 months beginning in April 1860, the Pony Express was the mail delivery service from Missouri to California. These original mailmen traveled 1,800 miles in 10 days, by horse of course.  Pretty impressive! You can actually retrace the steps of history in Utah by visiting a variety of museums and camps along the route. There’s also plenty of opportunities for horse back riding.

I think this is a great way for parents to teach their children about life before digital communication!

Wild Horses

Track the wild horses of Utah. Think of it as a safari right here in the United States. Tooele County is home to the largest herd of free-roaming wild horses in the state of Utah. The herd is also one of the largest in the country. My daughters, especially my oldest who was an equestrian, would love this. I can only imagine the feeling of seeing these wild horses, one of the most beautiful animals, in their natural habitat. This is something not found just anywhere. The Pony Express Road is actually a great place for viewing access of the herd plus many other historical stops along the way. It’s important to mention that you should not approach these horses. They are wild animals. Keep your distance and enjoy them from afar.

Looking for other cool things to do in Tooele County? Check out these upcoming events.

May 20th – Lantern Festival

Apr-Jun – Salt Flats Racing Association Test & Tune

July 27th-30th – Country Fan Fest

July 4th Weekend – Bit N Spur Rodeo

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