Be Chosen with World Vision

Be Chosen in Ecuador with World Vision

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by World Vision however all opinions are my own.

World Vision has just announced an incredible new program for their children and sponsors. For the first time in history, the roles are reversed! Children are being empowered to choose their own sponsors through an experience called Chosen.

This innovative move is pretty incredible in my eyes. In a situation where the children have so little within their control, they are able to make a choice for themselves.

Photo credit: Matthew Paul Turner

For over seventy years, children around the world waiting to be sponsored often asked the questions “Will I be chosen?” or “What if no one chooses me.” Staff have shared that sometimes children think something is wrong with them if they are not chosen. By putting this choice in their hands, World Vision is allowing the child to be their own voice. Their own advocate.

As I have seen with my own children even, when a child is encouraged and supported to make decisions that will impact their lives then that’s where change happens. We are allowing them to grow into themselves and their personalities. It’s a big deal for someone so young. I’m thrilled to see how this experience plays out and to see the sponsors faces as they learn which child chose them.

Photo credit: Matthew Paul Turner

So, how does it work?

In this new program, instead of you (a sponsor -to-be) looking through children on the World Vision website to sponsor, your photo will be submitted with your sponsorship. It will then be sent to the field , printed and then children who are apart of the sponsorship program will have the opportunity to choose YOU.

Photo credit: Matthew Paul Turner

And you have the opportunity to join 7 bloggers and be chosen by a child alongside them in Ecuador on 9/30 during an influencer virtual trip! Follow the trip and put the power to choose in a child’s hands. Sign up now through TONIGHT(9/25/19) at 11pm pacific time as a sponsor to be apart of history and to CHANGE a child’s life.

Amelia Old

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