What Does Travel Mean to You?

by Amelia Old
“I am not the same, having seen the moon shine on the other side of the world.”-Mary Anne Radmacher
What does travel mean to you?

This is one of my all time favorite travel quotes because it has so much meaning to me. I didn’t grow up traveling very much but I had a strong feeling I belonged somewhere else and had the greatest desire to see the world. The furthest I traveled as a child was just a few short hours away to the beach-Florida to be exact. In my 20s, I was given several opportunities to travel the United States and I’m not far from having visited every single state.

In my 30s, I began my international travel. I have been fortunate to visit some incredible places including Nepal, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Greece, South Africa, England, among others!

Every traveler has a different reason for travel. I travel because much like the quote says….every trip changes me. I feel I leave a piece of myself at every destination and in turn take something home with me.

We all began our journeys as strangers. We all left as friends. 

To me travel means growth of oneself and also learning how to connect with others on a deeper level. It means being brave enough to cast aside fears of the unknown and to be ready for an adventure even if it doesn’t always go as planned. When we travel we are forever students. We are always learning about people, places,  and maybe most importantly always learning about ourselves.

When you open yourself to the wonders of travel you too will never be the same.

I asked a few of my favorite travel writers what travel means to them. I hope they inspire you as they do me.
Six travel writes share what travel means to them:
Travel has been important to me ever since I was introduced to Europe when I was 16 years old. My grandparents took me on a river cruise from Vienna to Amsterdam–a two week journey where I saw people with completely different lifestyles speaking different languages. It sparked a flame of curiosity in me about the world. Thirteen years later, my husband and I moved to Amsterdam to live life as expats and travel as much as possible to absorb the cultures, languages, and food from everywhere we go. My wanderlust never dies and is always refueled every time I go somewhere new and meet wonderful people.
Jessica Cutrufello  – A Wanderlust For Life
Travel makes my heart sing, makes me deeply happy. Exploring new places, trying new tastes, discovering new trails and unpaved roads, all make me a happy traveler and happy person.
Charles McCool – McCool Travel 
For us, travel means freedom. Freedom from possessions, schedules and obligations.  The freedom to explore, learn and to grow.  Freedom means traveling at a slower speed, and really seeing where we are, rather than rushing through a package trip at top speed.  Freedom is why we travel.
We met the most wonderful and curious people in Egypt who wanted to know about our home country, too)
Travel provides unlimited chances to learn, break down barriers and make the world smaller and better. When we explore the world, we already know that we don’t all look alike or have many of the same cultural norms or live under the same conditions. But what ties us together is often the simple joys is smiling, laughing and loving our friends and family. Travel allows us to share in and spread these joys.
John Roberts – In the Loop Travel
To me to travel is to find the good in the world. To know that all people want the same things: to laugh, to do your best for your family and friends,  to learn, and to be loved.
Michelle M. Winner- LuxeGetaways Magazine
I travel to see what we have in common with people around the world. No matter the language barriers, we can communicate. 
Kurt Winner- Culinary Traveler


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Jose Allen April 11, 2017 - 3:08 am

Travel help me discover the world and make me few better when I lost in my life.

Abelia Herry February 14, 2018 - 7:13 am

Travel is the thing which fills different colors in your colorless life.


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