Experiencing the Beauty and History of Korinthos

by Amelia Old



One of my favorite cities during my recent tour of the Corinthian Riveria was Korinthos. While this was several weeks ago, my time there is still fresh in my mind.

We met with an archaeologist and explored the ruins and museum of Ancient Corinth. This seemed to take us back in time and was incredible to be standing where the Ancient Greeks and Romans once did. Ancient Corinth is also well known to Christians due to the Apostle Paul’s missionary travels. There was an overwhelming feeling standing within the ruins knowing that I was standing among history.





During a guided tour of Korinthos, we stopped at the Church of Apostolos Paul. There hangs a copy of the first letter from Saint Paul to the Corinthians .






Our tour guide Panagis read the English translation of the letter to us. I think it will sound very familiar to you.


The afternoon was quite the surprise. We took our bus up the mountain on a long winding road which led to a beautiful Monastery. We were greeted by the loveliest nuns who had a spread of food waiting for us (on their day of fasting) and so we ate lunch for the second time! Because could we really say no when they went thru so much trouble to welcome us? They shared with us homemade foods, wine, and dessert. We toured their dairy farm and they proudly showed off how the produce an incredible variety of cheeses. 



We ended our visit with a beautiful chant by the Nuns that brought me to tears. We were not allowed to take photos but I was able to record.  This was certainly a moment I will never forget. If ever in Korinthos, I hope you visit the Monastery of Holy Cross. You’ll be welcomed with opened arms.



We had such a fun evening with the Mayor, his son, Councilmen, and more local friends. We enjoyed dinner at “Καλάδα”(Kalada) which is located in a village called Λουτρά Ωραίας Ελένης (Loutra Oraias Elenis). The food was fantastic and we had lots of laughs but the best part was our new friends sharing a few traditional Greek dance moves with us.


There’s one certain thing about Korinthos. Yes, it’s full of amazing history and many unique things to do. It’s really a place to visit with your family but the thing that stands out the most was the people were the most welcoming and embraced each of us throughout the day. They made you feel as though we were at home. This is one place in Greece that I hope to return so that my children can experience the beauty and history of Korinthos.

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Donna Janke October 24, 2016 - 10:14 am

Korinthos looks like a great place. I love the photos of the ruins. You must feel such a strong sense of history.


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