Sweet Sixteen in Sunny L.A.

by Amelia Old
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From the moment I met my bonus daughter she’s talked about visiting Los Angeles. Of course she was speaking to my heart because L.A. is one of my favorite places to be. The people, the places, the atmosphere….I feel ‘at home’ there. This could be because I’ve spent 15 years in the Entertainment Industry and have spent lots of time in the city.

She recently turned 16 and I thought what better time than to surprise her with a trip to Cali! What a difficult secret that was to keep. Not only was I planning on taking her but I had purchased a ticket for her best friend too. When I told them the news…it was quite funny. They laughed, couldn’t breathe, there were mentions of ‘hot boys’, and her friend asked “Where’s Hollywood?”. I think they were just a bit overwhelmed. LOL

I am so excited to share my love of L.A. with them. Of course I have plans to take them to all of the attractions-Venice Beach, the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Rodeo Drive among many others. The girls are ecstatic-to say the least.


This also gives me the opportunity to share photos and ‘must see’ attractions with you so stay tuned. And while I know it’s not #tbt , here’s a photo of me at Venice Beach 7 years ago. Can you tell I was in my happy place? Full of laughter and happiness.


Hollywood Here We Come!


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