Anniversary Gifts with REEDS Jewelers

by Amelia Old
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My husband and I celebrated our wedding anniversary yesterday. He’s usually impossible to buy for. Not because he’s picky but because when he wants something he usually just goes and buys it himself. I’m rarely left with any amazing ideas. A couple of months ago he came home from a trip to Florida telling me about this TAG watch he saw while shopping with our son. All he could talk about was this watch. The TAG Carrera Calibre 1887. He loves watches. Watches and shoes. And already had 4 TAGs but was absolutely obsessed with this Carrera.

We visited our local REEDS Jewelers in hopes they had it in stock. We were assisted by this kind gentleman with over 20 years experience in his career named Glenn. We learned the watch was not in stock and would have to be ordered. I knew this had to be my anniversary gift to him. A couple of weeks before our anniversary I visited Glenn again to purchase the watch.Glenn was so helpful and also shared the excitement of seeing this particular, hard to find, watch.

The following weekend Tim came home and started talking nonstop about this watch. How he couldn’t stop thinking about it and it was “the one” and after his upcoming travels he was going to go back to visit REEDs and order the watch. He really deserves it and I was bursting at the seams not to tell him I had already purchased it for him.

I picked up the watch last Thursday excitedly telling Glenn how Tim had been going on and on about the watch. Glenn wrapped it up for me and then when I was home I wrapped it in a bigger box so that I wouldn’t give it away to begin with. Tim and I were going to celebrate our anniversary early as it fell on Easter this year. I couldn’t wait one more day and was quite anxious to give him his gift. That night, after the kids went to bed, I let him open it. I don’t think I’ve seem him more shocked than that moment. He texted photos to friends to brag and he even slept wearing the watch. I told you…he loves his watches haha. I was so excited that I finally was able to surprise him with something so special and with something he truly deserved.


The next day before we left for our over night stay in downtown Charlotte he gave me my gift. He asked me to unwrap it with my eyes closed. I didn’t like that idea because I wanted to see the beautifully wrapped package. As soon as I opened my eyes, I was surprised to see it was the exact same paper his had been wrapped in with the exact same size box. I immediately said “you got me the same thing didn’t you!?!?” He had purchased a TAG Aquaracer with a beautiful diamond dial.

Turns out after I placed the order for his watch, Tim went into REEDs to buy ME a watch. He couldn’t get the TAG he had been eyeing out of his mind and even asked Glenn had I been in. With a straight face and no hesitation Glenn said

“No. I haven’t seen her since the first time you two came in together.”          

When the truth was, I had been in 3 days prior!

We still can’t believe we both bought each other watches from the exact same person within days of each other. I am surprised we didn’t run into each other at the store.

Tim and I both feel Glenn is amazing at what he does and so grateful that he played a big part in not one but two surprises for our special day. Thank you Glenn and REEDs for incredible customer service.  This was my first REEDs purchase and definitely will not be my last.

These two time pieces will be with us for a really long time and one day will be passed on to our children.

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