Keeping Warm with a Cup of Tea and My snoozies!®

by Amelia Old
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It’s February and that can only mean one thing in the Carolinas. Temperamental weather. One day it’s 70 degrees and the next 25. My children are out of school today due to the aftermath of a winter storm. It’s not what you think. We aren’t buried deep in snow. There’s about .50 inch of ice on the ground. That’s right. We are ‘iced in’. May not sound that bad but trust me you do not want to be on the roads here right now. The state highway patrol reported working on over 1,000 accidents since midnight Monday. Scary! So, naturally schools and businesses are closed today.


This is what my front yard and walkway look like.


As I type this my children are playing in the ice. it’s the closest thing we have had to snow this winter. I on the other hand will remain indoors with my cup of tea wearing my new pair of snoozies!®.




What are snoozies!® you ask? Well…they aren’t socks and they aren’t slippers. They are a cross between the two so they are referred to as ‘foot coverings’. I personally call them ‘comfortable’. I hate going barefoot and usually have something on my feet. snoozies!® are comfortable AND keep my feet warm. Double Win. Not only that….they come in adorable styles-from animal prints to sequins. They even have a pair of red sequined snoozies!® that remind me of Dorothy.

Each pair is lined with soft Sherpa fleece and have a firm nonskid underside. They are bendable which makes it easy to store them. I know many who prefer to remove their shoes on International flights. How great would it be if you had these in your carryon?

What do you think of my animal snoozies!®?



Check out to see where you can buy your own pair .  They are less than $15 and would make a great addition to a spa/bath gift basket!


Compensation was not received for this review. Opinions are solely those of the author based on product provided by snoozies!®.

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