Where Will Your Passions Take You?

by Amelia Old
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I was recently contacted to interview María Marín, a very successful author, radio personality and motivational speaker. She has partnered with the brand Always to promote a new program called Give a Girl a Break. This program is meant to help women turn passions into reality by turning filmmaking passions into a career for a group of young women. Always hopes this program will be a shining example of what can be achieved when a community of women encourage others to achieve their goals.

As mothers and career minded individuals, we tend to set aside our true passions for our families, for our careers and for other things life may throw our way. When we bury those passions for the sake of others, many times we begin to lose a bit of ourselves. I asked my friends and readers on Facebook about their passions….those side projects we've all longed to begin and complete. I received answers such as writing, scrapbooking, photography and even repurposing cool items into something funky and functional. 

I will be sharing María's interview later this week but I want to share with you something we discussed. That's finding your passion and doing it. She says her passion is not the speaking she happens to do. Her passion is to research, find valuable information and then share with those around her. She says to figure out exactly what it is that you love and do it. I encourage you to take 5 hours for yourself per week for "me" time. Whether it's for meditation, going to the gym or starting the project you have longed for…..taking this time will re-energize you. It will lift you up and put life back into those passions. 

And I get it….I know what some of you are saying…."but, I have laundry to do and work to finish" etc etc etc. I know what you are saying because I've been there and am there. I too feel like I should constantly keep my house work up along with trying to see through my list of projects. However, as my husband says, the laundry's not going anywhere!"

If you think you have to set aside your passions just because you don't want to see your house work slip….then think of it this way. If you are putting life back into your passions…..whether it's 5 hours or 1 hour per week….then you are putting life back into yourself. What does that mean? There's a happy wife, a happy mommy and a happy coworker. And that means those around you are happier. 

I challenge you to dig those passions out and work towards achieving the goals you most likely set for yourself long ago. 

What is YOUR Passion? How can you achieve this?

I also encourage you to check out this video clip where Maria discusses believing in what you ask for.


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