Stay Dry with the RAINRAP™ (Review)

by Amelia Old
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With the storms that have been slowly working their way to the East Coast, it’s the perfect time to introduce you to one of my latest finds-The RAINRAP™ .

The RAINRAP™ is an innovative product for the practical and fashion conscious consumer. It is reversible, waterproof and has double sided button closures. It comes with a small pouch to store it in. This makes it easy to fit in the glove compartment box or even your handbag.

When I recently attended the Queen’s Cup Steeplechase, I noticed there was a possibility of rain. I made sure to throw it in my handbag and guess what???? It rained!!!! I was so grateful to have had the RAINRAP™ with me.


Most importantly, it actually works! The fabric was awesome. It repelled the water immediately, keeping my clothes dry.  I see this coming in handy next soccer season too!  This is the perfect soccer mom accessory.

Want to know another cool thing about this product? It’s not only great for casual wear but works for evening wear too. The design combines the look of a pashmina and wrap. So, you can remain stylish AND dry!

Currently I have the black/grey wrap but I am looking forward to the summer when they unveil the SPIRITRAPS….then I can even support my son during his soccer games while staying dry. I think the other mothers will want one of these!

In February of this year, Sara Blakely from SPANX, named the founders of the RAINRAP™ as her newest Leg Up winners. This is Sara’s version of Oprah’s “Favorite Things” show. Sara Blakely is a smart woman….if she approves…you know the product must be good!

RAINRAP™ can be purchased at 

It looks like this season has been pretty rainy and there’s not much of an end in sight so I know the RAINRAP™ will come in handy. What’s your favorite rain gear?

Compensation was not received for this review. All opinions are those of the author based on a product sampled provided by RAINRAP™

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