Avoid Dress Clash with DressSpy

by Amelia Old
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I don’t think I’ve ever attended a girl’s night without first receiving the same phone call.

 *Ring. Ring*


*OMG What are you wearing tonight?*

You have to admit ladies, whether you are calling…texting….or emailing….you are always going to ask that question.  No one ever wants to be under dressed or over dressed. Or worse…..no one wants to clash!

In all reality, I have never attended an event wearing the same thing as someone else. Call me lucky. but I know other girls who have shown up in the exact same outfit as someone else. That has got to be an uncomfortable feeling, especially if the other girl is rocking the body of a 21 year old and you are well…..definitely not 21… There goes your night.


Well guess what my lovelies, there is now a solution to your problem! Enter in DressSpy. DressSpy is an innovative application that allows you to interact with your friends before your major event.  You sign up at http://www.dressspy.com , invite those attending your event and then you’re able to share info about your event as well as photos of what you are wearing!

This is perfect for girls’ night or even weddings!



  • You get your own private web space for you and your guests to share dress photos and to chat about the event.
  • Your event page has a messaging function that allows everyone that is invited to make arrangements, swap fashion ideas, etc.
  • You get access to fashion and occasional wear articles and advice from our experts
  • You can keep your dress secret and still avoid dress clash
  • You can use our site to email prepared invitations to your event guests with your unique DressSpy event code
  • You can print out these invitations if you wish
  • You can download a DressSpy logo to go in the corner of you formal event invitation


  • You and your guests can avoid the embarrassment of dress clash
  • If you choose, you do not have to reveal your dress design
  • You can share ideas and get fashion suggestions from other guest
  • You can be nosy
  • You can start your event buzz early with girl chat
  • You can meet other guests on the site in advance, make travel arrangements, make friends, who knows?
  • Swap notes with other girls on fashion, gifts, music for the event, anything that you choose

I love the idea and will definitely use this app for upcoming events. I would love to hear your thoughts! Sign up for a free trial event at http://www.dressspy.com 

*Compensation was not received for this post. These are solely the opinions of the author. 

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