Oscar Nominated Designers Whip Up A Storm With Snomee

by Amelia Old
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The classic gift card is getting a new lease of life with an exciting new range from a member of the production team of Oscar nominated feature film The Illusionist.

Snomees are a unique gift-within-a-gift. Each snow globe is a fantastic collectible, with 11 stylish designs that have given a complete reboot to the idea of the quaint knick-knacks of times gone by.

What’s more, each contains a hidden gift card container in its base, waiting to be discovered. This is the magic of Snomee – the extra moment of surprise is one your friends and family will remember time and time again.


Snomee are now looking to raise $50,000 through the Kickstarter website to put their designs into full production.

“We need to order production tools so that we can keep our costs down and make sure Snomees have the highest quality whilst being available at an attractive price.” says Michael O’Sullivan, director of the firm.

People who donate to the Kickstarter project will be rewarded handsomely for their contribution. Those who donate a dollar or more will be kept up to date on the latest news as the project approaches completion, while those who put in $13 or more will receive any one of the Snomee which is being produced in numbers of 10,000 or more.

A pledge of $20 will let donors take their pick of any of the 11 Snomee designs, which will be shipped to them for free to anywhere in the US. At the other end of the scale anyone who donates $150 to the project will receive all eleven Snomee designs in an exclusive collectors’ edition box set.

“Our launch collection for the 2012 gift season will have limited availability, so our early supporters through Kickstarter will not only be the first owners of a Snomee, they might find they’ve got a collectors’ item on their hands!”


Businesses can also get in on the action with special Distribution and Mega Distribution packs, where $1000 will get you 110 Snomees, i.e. 10 of every Snomee design, while £10,000 will get you 1000 Snomees, i.e. 100 of every Snomee design.

Michael says… “Gift certificates make for a great present, but handing them over in an envelope or card can mean it’s all too easy for them to get lost or filed away in a drawer somewhere. With Snomee we’re looking to revolutionise gift giving, so that alongside the gift certificate you also get a memento to keep forever.”

Snomee is looking to reach its $50,000 goal within 50 days. You can contribute here!.

Interested in learning more about Snomee? Check out their site at http://www.snomee.com

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