Queen City Pretty: Cicely “C.C.” Mitchell

by Amelia Old
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Many of you recognize this week’s Queen City Pretty by her voice but there’s so much more to Cicely “C.C.” Mitchell.  
Currently working as an on-air personality with WBAV and a freelance voice over artist, you never know where you may hear or have heard the voice of this Charlottean.  Do you ever visit Concord Mills Mall? Did you know that it is her voice  “welcoming” you as you enter the mall?
Cicely also works as a traffic reporter and has experience as a t.v. news reporter and photographer. Not only does she offer her voice to local organizations but she has also recently began working on voice over projects in Spanish in Costa Rica. 
What I really love about Cicely is her spirit and understanding of True Beauty. Just take a look at her interview and you’ll see, she’s more than just a voice you may come across on the airwaves. 
Thank you Cicely for taking the time to be this week’s Queen City Pretty and sharing your beauty with us. 
(Photography by Cynthia Ndelo)
What is your beauty product must have? Mascara, Mascara, and more Mascara! ( if I were to use brand names, Lancome makes wonderful mascaras as well as Loreal!) I think I have a slight addiction to mascara… 🙂
If I were to peek in your makeup bag, what would I find? L
ip gloss, about 10 mascaras, rose water with glycerin, foundation, powder, setting spray, and powder and my eyelash curler… goes hand in hand with that wonderful mascara! You will also find, vitamin E oil, wrinkle serum… (well I don’t believe they are on my face…just gotta begin to hydrate and tighten what is there… so they are less likely to come on my face…) and gycolic acid pads. 

What spa/salon service can you not live without and where do you go to get this service done? I love receiving facials from the Aveda Institute here in Charlotte; the students take such pride in providing an extraordinary experience! My face feels rejuvenated, fresh and ready to be seen! 
Who is your beauty icon? So many to name! First, Beverly Johnson, secondly, Cindy Crawford…then there is Lena Horne and my namesake, Cicely Tyson! 
What is your definition of Beauty? To me, it means using what you have, seeing it as a wonderful platform and beginning of greatness and enhancing what is already there, naturally, glamorously and wonderfully!
Any last words? I think that there are so many layers to women and so much greatness that is within ourselves… as women… and just because what we believe to be true does not mean it necessarily is…it’s time to own the extraordinary beings we are and use those gifts to assist and love others, cultivate greatness in ourselves and others and continue to take care of ourselves inside and out… it’s what we do within that lets the world know who we our in our world… 

Don’t forget to check out Cicely’s website at www.cicelymitchell.com


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