Anniversary Getaway in the NC Mountains with Carolina Mornings

by Amelia Old
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Pie in the Sky Cabin with Carolina Mornings

Last year we had a romantic getaway in NC. We found our cabin with Carolina Mornings, a rental company that specializes in ‘luxury mountain living’.  Of course the thing that really attracted me, aside from their beautiful properties that’s only a short drive from me, was their Stay for Good Program.  Each year they donate portions of reservations to three charitable causes. That is a win-win in my book.

It was a given for my husband and I both that we wanted to visit another Carolina Morning property for this year’s anniversary celebration. We chose ‘Pie in the Sky‘ located in Burnsville for our romantic getaway in NC. It’s located 2.5 hours from our home outside of Charlotte. As before, we packed up all of the food and wine we needed so we wouldn’t have to leave. Some go on getaways to explore the town nearby. We go to have peace and quiet, sleep in, enjoy the hot tub and talk without children in the background. You get the point. Work just keeps us so busy that sometimes all we are searching for is the peaceful nature surrounding us.

This three bedroom two bath cabin with an outdoor hot tub and a Mountain view did not disappoint. I am pretty sure we spent 90% of our time outside as the weather was absolutely stunning for the first couple of days.

On the first day there, two dogs stopped by to say ‘Hello’. From that point forward, they were a major part of our weekend getaway. It didn’t take long for us to be in the habit of looking or calling for them to join us. Even when we experienced some rain showers and stayed in the cabin, the dogs found shelter and laid right at the door mat. I later read about the pups in the guest book. It seems they always make themselves known to visitors at the cabin.

Carolina Mornings has incredible customer service. We had only booked our trip for two nights but decided we’d like to extend it because we were enjoying ourselves so much. Despite it being the weekend, they returned our call almost immediately and allowed us the opportunity to stay longer.

Not wanting to share his sandwich

There are many activities in the North Carolina mountains to participate in but as mentioned we just stayed at the cabin. We are perfectly content doing that. It was a great time to reconnect but also to talk about adult life without our children within an ear’s shot. I am pretty sure we’ll look to visit yet another Carolina Mornings property next year. Although, I am not so sure I want to wait that long.

I highly recommend taking the time to set aside a weekend with your spouse where you are disconnected from the outside world, from your work, your phones, and social media. Sometimes we get so busy in our lives that we fail to focus on our loved ones. We are all guilty. It’s also a breath of fresh air to not be ‘on the go’ every moment of the day. I think as the years go by we tend to fit more in. To the point we don’t know how to act without being so ‘busy’.

Goofing off in the hot tub. I have no clue where the rubber Duckie came from!

Aside from our rental rate, gas and groceries we didn’t have any other expenses for this trip. You don’t have to fly international for it to be a special getaway nor do you have to spent lots of money. I think people forget that there are incredible destinations within a drive of their own cities. Find a cabin, cook for one another, and enjoy the view. Time with one another is more special than anything else.

And make sure to check out one of the many Carolina Mornings properties for your future romantic getaway in NC.

Eating cupcakes in the hot tub at our Carolina Mornings cabin.
It’s not a trip without Nothing Bundt Cakes

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