Inclusivi-Tee:Creating waves of progress, one tee at a time

by Amelia Old
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This post is sponsored by Inclusivi-Tee however all opinions are solely those of the author.

With all of the hate surrounding us and the world becoming more divisive than ever we can certainly use something to remind us the importance of coming together, supporting one another, and giving back to our communities around us. I think Inclusivi-Tee, a new t-shirt subscription brand, has done just that.

Inclusivi-Te was founded by Lori Myren-Manbeck not long after the 2016 elections. She started the company as a response to the concern that people’s rights were being taken away.

“I heard people saying they didn’t know what they could do to help and I felt a need to make a difference, to give my friends and others something specific they could do, to provide a community and to highlight positive change and action,” said Myren-Manbeck.

She wanted to be able to support progressive causes. She’s done that by partnering with artists to create beautiful t-shirts with incredibly important messages. I have to admit. I am obsessed with one of my Inclusive-Tees. I’d wear it everyday if I could.  It’s comfortable, the artwork is lovely, but the message is SO important. “Different people mesh-it’s the fabric of society. Together it all works. If you try to pull it apart, you pull everything apart.” I usually wear my hair up so everyone can see it and I can only hope they are reading it!

 All photos by Andi Perullo De Ledesma.

All shirts are supplied by Clothes made from Scrap which makes their shirts from plastic soda bottles and reclaimed cotton. Not only are you supporting progressive causes but you are also protecting our environment at the same time!

How To Purchase?

Inclusivi-Tee is a T-Shirt Subscription. Once you subscribe, you will receive an exclusive artist-designed t-shirt every three months. Sign up here- > 

Profits from the logo shirt, artist shirts, custom designed tees, notebooks, bags, and other general merchandise are distributed to American Immigration Council, Council on American-Islamic Relations,Disability Rights Advocates, Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund, NAACP Legal Defense Fund, National LGBTQ Task Force, Native American Rights Fund, Natural Resource Defense Council, Planned Parenthood, and Southern Poverty Law Center.

So, no matter the choice in shirt, you are supporting a variety of really amazing (and progressive) nonprofits/causes.

Inclusivi-Tee Mission:

We pledge to:

  • Promote equality, diversity, and inclusivity.
  • Create artist-designed t-shirts around progressive themes.
  • Donate 100% of our profits to nonprofit organizations that protect the earth and all her creatures.
  • Actively participate in the progressive community, locally, nationally, and worldwide.

At Inclusivi-tee, we know that the only way to move forward, take care of and uplift each other and protect the earth is by working together.

  • We will support forward-focused organizations – both large and small – by donating 100% of our profits
  • We will support artists and the arts by providing a platform for artists to share their progressive visions and producing beautiful shirts
  • We will encourage our members to become involved in protecting the earth and the creatures who live here in whatever ways they can
  • We will seek out business partners who share our ideals
  • We will consistently walk the walk of progress, never settling for simply talking the talk



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