Travel Guide: Xylokastro, Greece

by Amelia Old
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The picturesque seaside town of Xylokastro in the Peloponnese region of Greece offers beautiful beaches, the famous pine forest Pefkias, the Church of Vlasios, skiing, lovely restaurants, among many other things.

During my recent trip to Xylokastro we began our day by meeting with the Mayor. He assured us this would be one of the most beautiful areas of our Corinthian Riviera tour. It is certainly beautiful but I was blown away at how much there was to offer. In fact, Lonely Planet voted the Peloponnese area one of the top places in Europe to travel in 2016.

img_3352Mayor of Xylokastro, Greece

img_4174Local man showing off his catch of the morning

img_4189Incredible views of the coast and mountains



Where to Sleep: Sikyon Coast Hotel and Resort



img_4470If you look closely you will see Stacie Connerty of Divine Lifestyle taking advantage of the peaceful sound of the sea and catching up on some work 😉 

Where to Eat?

Enjoy lunch with breathtaking views of Mountain Ziria from Pleiadon Gi Mountain Resort and Spa. This is also a great option to stay however you must book as early as possible as there’s only 20 suites available!

Have dinner at Μουράγιο (Εστιατόριο – Ψαροταβέρνα (Mouragio Restaurant-Tavern). 

Gamal Mahmoud Abdel Rachman-(Owner) shows off his fresh catch 

What to Do?

Play a game of volleyball at the Sand Sports facilities


Hit the slopes at the Ski-sport Centre of Ziria

Tour the Church of Agios Vlasios. This beautiful cathedral of paintings and marble was built in 1908.


Before you leave you must make sure to stock up on Ladolea Olive Oil and Local Wine at the Lido Hotel in Melissi.




There’s truly something for all ages and  interests in Xylokastro. From mountains to beaches from sports to art…you will find something for everyone in the Peloponnese.


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