Three Ways to Make a Difference While Visiting Athens, Greece

by Amelia Old
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I recently became an Organizations Ambassador with -their mission is to enhance the mission of great social organizations by facilitating mutually beneficial virtual and in-person interactions between people and communities around the world.

Over time I’ll be sharing with you ways to make an impact throughout your travels. As I am heading to Greece in September I thought it was the perfect time to highlight some incredible organizations in Athens.


Athens Walking Tour: Explore Homelessness & Perseverance

Urban Athens Collective aims to preserve and promote the historical, cultural, and architectural significance of Athens to visitors and locals alike.

Tour Description:

Explore the vibrant Athenian spirit by exploring the most “hidden” places in Athens, where tourists rarely venture. Follow Tasos, a local street worker who founded the Social Street Work project of the Emfasis Foundation and other non-profit organizations that benefit the homeless population of Athens, through the streets of Athens to uncover a side of the city you would never find on your own. Learn about the difficulties the homeless people in Athens face, and the impact that both the economic and refugee crisis had on the city.

Each tour last about three hours and begin at $68 per person. Revenue from the tour will support homeless in Athens by providing meals as well as archaeological excavation on Anthikythera Island that helps empower the local community.


Athens Alternative City Tour: Meet the “Invisible” Population

Shedia offers a unique business model that mobilizes the most at-risk populations and provides them the means to make a dignified living.

Tour Description

See Athens from a different perspective. Learn about the most important organizations that provide social services such as soup kitchens, shelters, clinics, day centers, drug-rehabilitation centers, grassroots initiatives, and more.. But, the most significant part of the tour is the personal narrative that each guide shares with the participants. It’s a unique opportunity to meet, discuss and interact with people who have been hit the hardest by the current social and economic crisis, hear and learn from the story of an ordinary citizen, who lost everything virtually overnight. These are tours about human stories that must be told, they are tours about overcoming stereotypes and dealing with personal fears. One of the aims of the “Invisible Paths” is to raise awareness and mobilize the community in a common fight against poverty and social exclusion.

Each tour last two hours and begins at $30 per person. These funds are reinvested into the program and also support educational programs.

Athens Discovery Tour: Understanding Mobility Impairment

SKEP΄s goal is to give voice to vulnerable groups of young people and raise awareness for their well-being.

Tour Description:

Learn about the severe lack of access that individuals with vision and mobility impairment face every day by seeing life through their eyes. First, you will take part in an open discussion that is conducted by SKEP’s executives, people with disability, and our partners. We will talk about how the lack of knowledge is one of the primary reasons behind the negative beliefs concerning disability, and it is our intention to get you up to speed on the problems these people face every day. Experience a new communication code by building relationships of understanding, respect, and acceptance with the people you meet. 

The second part of your visit will include a simulation of mobility impairment. The Experimental Simulation of Mobility Impairment will allow you to try out a wheelchair and experience the challenges and limitations that the disabled face. As you attempt to navigate the streets, SKEP members will assist with your journey around town.

Tours last three hours and begin at $34 per person. Funds help empower handicapped youth in Greece.


Visit.Org Mission

We make socially-conscious travel easy, fun, and accessible. Orgs register with us, and we ensure their tours meet our vetting criteria. We feature only the best culturally-immersive, impactful activities out there. Travelers add half or multi day experiences to their itinerary and have an off-the-beaten path adventure they can feel good about. Our technology allows partner orgs to participate in the new global economy, and tour revenue is invested back in the local community.

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Andi August 30, 2016 - 6:13 pm

I am soooo excited for you and this amazing trip you’re about to have!


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