Travel With Purpose: Why I am returning to the Dominican Republic

by Amelia Old

When I traveled to the Dominican Republic last December I had a really bad experience. After spending several days at a so-called luxury resort I ended up with food poisoning and a bacterial infection from contaminated water. I said the only way I’d return is if I were to travel with purpose and go back to work with the people who live there immersing myself in their culture. My experience at a resort had nothing to do with the beautiful people of the Dominican.

Never in a million years did I expect that opportunity would come just months later.


travel with purpose

I will be headed back to the Dominican Republic. The northern city of Puerto Plata to be exact, this summer with FATHOM TRAVEL.

So, what’s so special about Fathom? It’s a unique cruise ship that combines traveling with making a difference in the lives of others. It’s traveling with a purpose and you know this is very important to me. Traveling, of course, is a passion of mine. Otherwise, I wouldn’t share my experiences with you. However, philanthropy is also a major part of my focus. It’s my desire to visit places, but, to also give back to those communities that I am visiting. Not only are you helping someone in need, but you are learning along the way. You are learning about life, learning about others, learning about yourself, learning about giving back…. These are life lessons that can’t be learned in a classroom or by reading a book. You have to experience it first hand. Luxury travel is great. Don’t get me wrong… I certainly enjoy it like everyone else does.

BUT a trip like this is what I live for. 

Check out this woman’s experience on her recent trip with Fathom.

On this cruise ship, we’ll spend a couple of days at sea before arriving in the Dominican Republic where we will spend three days working alongside locals on projects that serve community needs. Some of the projects include planting trees, creating water filters, teaching English at a local school, and even pouring concrete for new floors in homes of families in need.

travel with purpose

Aside from being excited about my personal experience with Fathom Travel in the Dominican Republic, I am even more excited that my 15-year-old son gets to go with me. What better way to show him another part of the world he’s yet to see, teach him lessons along the way about loving others and giving back, and growing our bond.

When I told him we were going to the DR on this trip, I presented him with this photo I took the last time I was there. So true… The GREATEST gift you can give someone is your TIME.  I’m so excited we can experience this journey together. I am sure it will be a week we will never forget.

travel with purpose

Our trip is only 7 weeks away.

I hope you follow us on our journey here and thru Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Interested in booking your own Fathom Cruise?

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Andi April 26, 2016 - 11:28 am

I am so so so excited for you and your son!!! XO


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