The Produce Box (Review)

by Amelia Old
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These days there are so many membership boxes to choose from. Each offers various products delivered to your doorstep monthly. For my North Carolina friends, I may have found one of the best memberships around. Welcome to The Produce Box.

the produce box

“The Produce Box delivers fresh, local produce and specialty products like meats, cheese, bread and a lot more to homes and offices all over North Carolina.” The Produce Box is a great way to have the farmer’s market delivered right to your door. Aside from healthy food, they GIVE BACK to their community. You know this tugs at my heartstrings. They help support over 50 local farmers. In addition, they provide Community Boxes to local food banks and Hero Boxes to those such as firemen and policemen. I really love this about them.


I’ve just recently planted my own little garden but I’m realistic and know I’ll never grow the number of vegetables my family goes thru. We eat lettuce, cucumbers, and tomatoes nearly on a daily basis!  That’s where The Produce Box comes in handy. Upon signing up, you will receive a weekly menu of a variety of boxes and individual items to choose from based on availability and what’s in season. All selections must be made by Sunday and your package is delivered between Wednesday-Friday. It’s that easy!! Check out the beautiful variety of my first delivery.

the produce box

Each delivery also comes with details on where the produce came from, how to make it last longer, and even recipes such as Kale Breakfast Salad, Sweet Potato Latkes, and Stuffed Strawberries.

The produce box

Interested in giving them a try? Click HERE to sign up.

It’s simple to sign up and I’m happy to offer all of my readers $5 off their initial enrollment fee by using the code QUEENCITY

* The Produce Box is currently ONLY available in the state of North Carolina.*

Eat Healthy, Support Local, and ENJOY


Compensation was not received for this review. Opinions are solely those of the author based on product provided by The Produce Box.


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1 comment

Andi April 27, 2016 - 2:37 pm

Very cool! Now I just gotta get J to eat his veggies!!!


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