Will Run for Wine (Why I signed up for a Half Marathon)

by Amelia Old
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I didn’t even know what the 13.1 sticker was on cars for the longest until my best friend showed up at my house with a 0.0 I don’t run sticker. Of course when I realized what it meant I immediately said “13 miles?!?! I could never do that!” Well…I’ve gone and done it. I have signed up for a half marathon. I’m going to get one of those stickers finally haha!

I signed up several weeks ago after a long walk with my dear friend Stanley Owings from iMpact color cosmetics. We were talking about pushing ourselves to accomplish something big so why not run a race. Now, let’s be clear. I am not a fan of running. I don’t necessarily get tired immediately…it’s more the breathing…oh and that I get absolutely insanely bored and distracted. “Oh look! A bird!” But, here’s the thing. I want to do something that will push my body to the limits. I want to feel the sense of accomplishment after crossing the finish line.


I’ve been known to try a variety of things in my life. Who cares if it’s random? It’s like marking things off a bucket list. I would hate to live the exact same way day in and day out. Why do you think it’s nearly impossible for me to work in an office? Thru the years I’ve had crazy ideas and went with it. I opened a talent agency when I was in my early 20s and won an American Business Award as Best Creative Professional in the U.S. I spent four months on the road as a tour manager for a client….traveling nearly 100%. I was able to see nearly all of the midwest and west. It was incredible. Five years ago I started this website never knowing it would bring the opportunities it has. Two years ago I held the title of Mrs. Ballantyne and competed in Mrs. South Carolina which led to me being able to share my story with people all over the community. Thankfully I have a super supportive husband that encourages absolutely anything I want to do.

It’s time for a new challenge. I’ve always set my eyes on something and went after it. Because…why not?! Why limit ourselves? Why not push ourselves to the extreme? I’ve found when you do this….you discover talents and skills you didn’t necessarily know you had.

So, in September, I’ll be running in the Wild Vine Half Marathon. I’ve already started training and can run 4 miles. 9 more to go! And guess what happens after I cross the finish line….there’s a wine festival going on!

So, yes, I WILL run for Wine and will document my journey along the way. Hope you follow this journey as I struggle which I WILL and as I accomplish which I WILL.

Want to put yourself to the test? Sign up for the race and run with me! I could always use teammates!


BTW…I’ve already started thinking about my 2016 Challenge….no…not a full marathon…..a Pole Fitness Competition….because WHY NOT?!

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