#5TradesAway-Help Expectant Mothers in Uganda

by Amelia Old
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Blogger, radio talk show host and marketing expert Maria Bailey was recently given an assignment in a classroom at the University of Notre Dame. She’s going back to school for her Executive MBA. Kudos Maria!! The assignment? Practice negotiation skills by trading a pair of Chinese Chopsticks. Easy enough..right? Well, Maria is taking this assignment a few steps further and trading the chopsticks up in order to help purchase Village Ambulances in Uganda.

Why Village Ambulances? According to Maria, each day 800 moms die due to complications in pregnancy and childbirth. Many of these women live in villages in Uganda. They die because they can’t get to a clinic. Such a horrible thing to think about. How easy it is for us here in America to get to the hospital when in labor. I can’t imagine having to face death simply because I couldn’t get to a clinic. Watch this video to understand a little more.

The Village Ambulance from Pulse on Vimeo.

Pulse, a company building village transports that universally hook to the back of any bike or motor scooter, is working with health care organizations to supply Village Ambulances to remote communities.


This is where the chopsticks will come in. Maria, along with other bloggers, will begin trading their chopsticks this week. When hearing about this opportunity, I immediately felt called to participate.

The rules are simple:

We can only trade 5 times
We can’t trade with any employees or immediate family members
We have to do our final trade by May 5th

On May 5th at 8pm EST an auction will be held to sell your items. 100% of everything raised will go to transports in Uganda and will be delivered during her trip to Uganda in June.

Follow Maria on Twitter at  https://twitter.com/momtalkradio and http://www.5tradesaway.com

Have something of value laying around your home you don’t use anymore? Contact me. I’d love to trade with you!


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