Colman’s Mustard with the Royal Seal of Approval

by Amelia Old
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My husband is English so there are some things we must constantly keep a supply of. One of those being Colman’s Mustard which is an iconic brand. It even has the Royal Seal of Approval given by Queen Victoria in 1866. Pretty cool, right?!


When I say my husband loves this, it really is an understatement. He put’s it on EVERYTHING. This mustard does not have to be used just on sandwiches and burgers. He even adds it to his eggs! The zesty flavor is just enough to give your meal a nice kick. I recently baked chicken marinated in Colman’s topped with swiss cheese. It was definitely a big hit in my home.

Colman’s Mustard is also available in a dry powder which is great for spice rubs and even an addition to soup.

Retailing for less than $4 this is a great item to keep on hand in your kitchen. I don’t think my Englishman will ever allow us to run out.

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