Getting Fit with Energyve Fitness and Lem Houston #FitLife365

by Amelia Old
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It’s finally time for my new series called ‘You’re My Favorite’. This is where I will feature some of my absolute favorite places, people and things. This is the first post in the series and you know it wouldn’t be the same without featuring my favorite FITNESS INSTRUCTOR.  I’ve written about Lem Houston from Energvye Fitness several times in the past. I met him a year and a half ago thanks to a friend who introduced me to his Cardio Funk classes. I told Lem I never refer to his classes as ‘Cardio Funk’ when talking about it to others because when I’m in class I feel like I’ve gone to the club dancing. Lem is energetic and the classes are tons of fun plus you are getting a great cardio workout in that hour of dancing to the latest songs on the charts.

But, while I adore Lem’s classes, there’s another part of fitness Lem focuses on that I REALLY love. Imagine pushing yourself beyond your limits in 30 minutes or less. I can see the doubt now. “How in the world can I get an intense full body workout in 30 MINUTES?”. Trust me it’s possible and it’s great for people like me who have an insanely busy schedule.

I have done many training sessions with Lem over the past year and each time I leave I feel motivated for the next. Although, the next morning I can barely walk HAHA! What I enjoy about these sessions are how far I can push my body in such a short time and of course you know we all love RESULTS which is what you’ll see. I’ve been surprised to see how stronger I’ve become over time when working with Lem.

The purpose of this series is to give you a good look at what I love and why I love it. What’s a better way to do this than to provide lots of photo.

Thank you to Andi Perullo from My Beautiful Adventures Photography for providing these awesome photos of a recent workout with Lem.

We started the workout off with a good warmup.





Then on to the tough workout. Situps, the dreaded BOSU (I hate that one), rope, weights, planks, mountain climbers and more! Yep. I did this in 30 minutes!


I love the rope!


 I am NOT a fan of the Bosu. I think Lem likes to torture me with this.






This is what I feel like at the end of the workout!!!



So, how can you work with Lem from Energyve Fitness? He just finished sharing a FREE 30 Day Challenge online. 30 Days. 30 Videos. ALL FREE. You can’t beat that friends. While the challenge is over, I suggest following his Facebook Page and checking out his website for future challenges. He’s also constantly offering free workouts at various parks through the cities. Seeking something long term? Which you SHOULD BE.  The last time I checked Lem was completely booked with training sessions. I highly encourage you to contact him and get on a wait list OR possibly plan a virtual training session with him. These workouts, while intense, can easily be done at your home or hotel (if traveling) . There’s no excuse not to live the #FitLife365 .


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Sam @ PancakeWarriors September 11, 2014 - 4:14 pm

Lem Is amazing! Y’all look like you are having way to much fun. If you need someone to motivate you more than you have ever motivated yourself, go see Lem. You will never think of a dance class the same and his bootcamp classes will shake things up every time! Awesome write up and you look great!


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