The Road Home: The Jolly Sailor

After an amazing few days with my family in the UK, my husband and I had to make our way back to London for our flight.

We decided to spend an entire day driving thru the Bristol/Bath area so that he could show me where he grew up and some of his favorite places.

For lunch, we stopped at The Jolly Sailor in between Bristol and Bath which is an awesome pub overlooking the Saltford Lock. The beer garden and conservatory were beautiful and I could kick myself for not taking photos of it!  The building was actually constructed in 1726!!

What’s a lunch at an English pub without FISH AND CHIPS?!


And it was DELICIOUS. Followed by, of course, Spotted Dick! Yum! Never heard of it? It’s a popular pudding in the UK that is usually served with custard as seen below.



The Saltford Lock and The Jolly Sailor are overlooked by the remains of the Kelston Mill which was in operation prior to 1767 all the way until the late 1840s.


Check out the amazing view near The Jolly Sailor.


The social media geek in me loved  how socially connected The Jolly Sailor is. They are extremely active on Facebook and Twitter and when we requested the WIFI info….they brought us a small chalk board with the info. They were prepared!

Check them out online so you can see the beautiful pub photos!

The Jolly Sailor on Facebook

The Jolly Sailor on Twitter

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