TranscendED Announces Opening of Charlotte’s First Residential Treatment Facility for Women with Eating Disorders

by Amelia Old
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I have been on edge waiting to announce this news. A while back I shared with my followers that a company I am involved with, TranscendED, would be opening Charlotte’s FIRST Residential Treatment Center for women with eating disorders. Well, everything has been signed on the dotted line and it’s OFFICIAL!!! I am so thrilled to be apart of such an amazing team of individuals dedicated to assisting those in the midst of their battle with ED. Check out the official release below.  Also, make sure to follow TranscendED on Facebook and Twitter!


TranscendED, a new recovery oriented eating disorder treatment facility for females ages 13 and over, announces it’s opening of the first Residential Treatment Center in the area. Clients who require continuous support and supervision as they struggle with an eating disorder, and who want to avoid hospitalization, are most suited for this residential program. Women with severe eating disorder symptoms that impede every area of their lives and individuals who are facing serious health complications as a result of the eating disorder, can begin the process of healing in this safe, comforting, and nurturing environment, receiving 24/7 compassionate care from a wide range of medical and mental health professionals.

Located in a country club community in South Charlotte, NC, the residential treatment facility sits on 1.5 acres with a view of the fifth hole and boasts three bedrooms, four bathrooms, three group rooms, spacious living and dining areas, and a custom backyard pool. The leisurely surroundings, combined with the home’s contemporary furnishings and art, provide an inviting and comfortable space for women to heal.

Treatment involves daily individual, group, and nutritional therapy; meals followed by meal support; psycho-educational group meetings; experiential group meetings; psychiatric, medical, and medication management; nursing care; family therapy; and a variety of individual and group outing activities all with restoration and recovery in mind.

“At Transcend e.d. we can help you along this journey to wellness by being present, safe, honest, and committed to developing a healing relationship with you. We believe you can TRANSCEND your eating disorder because we know recovery is possible.” says founder Dr. Rose LeDay.

For more information, call 704-708-4605 or visit

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