My Visit to Bishops Lydeard (Part 4-The Bird in Hand Pub)

While my mother in law and sister in law wanted to show me the beauty of the village itself and take me to places like the Daisy Cottage Tea Rooms…. my husband and father in law had something else in mind. Of course they wanted to take me to the pub. Hey, no problem with that. I’m always up for a good cider. I did not know what I was getting myself into when I walked into The Bird in Hand Pub this particular night. I will say I had been in there previously for dinner and thought it was great. Loved the staff. Food was great. Drinks were great.

So, being I can usually hang with the boys….I was up to an English Pub Challenge brought on by my husband and father in law. I had Thatcher’s Cider  continously flowing,which is actually made in the area, and traditional pub “snacks” to try out.


Now, let me just say….I can be picky. Shocking. I know. However, I usually will try everything at least once. And for your viewing pleasure….we have my reactions to these pub snacks on video. Go ahead and laugh. I think my husband has watched them a thousand times and got a good laugh. My reactions give away my thoughts to the taste. Please note, I am not bashing these products at all! They are popular. People love them. But I think it’s a bit of an acquired taste and I didn’t grow up with these so of course it’s new to me.

We started with Mr. Porky Pork Scratchings. I don’t eat pork. Not for any reason other than I don’t like it. My husband did not show me the name of this until after I already had it in my mouth. “Is there pork in it???”  OF COURSE THERE’S PORK IN PORK SCRATCHINGS.


And it only gets better….next up Scampi Fries. “a bit fishy?”

Here’s a photo of my father in law, Martin, and husband, Tim, getting a good laugh at my pub challenge.


My third snack to try….Monster Munch….FINALLY….one I could stomach…

WARNING: Bad language in this video. My husband provoked me.


Final snack to try and probably the best video out of all? Twiglets. Have you ever tried these? Definitely *different*

So, that’s the end of the “challenge” . I survived with the assistance of Thatcher’s Cider.….alot of it.


Check out this photo on the wall….the original Pub Futbol Team from back in the day


After my challenge, we hung out with a group of locals and the owner/bartender gave Tim several bar mats to take home for our own bar.  We had a great time and I survived .

I highly recommend The Bird in Hand when visiting Bishops Lydeard. The staff is super friendly. The food is fantastic, minus the snacks LOL, and if you are seeking a true English Pub experience…you will find it here.

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