Canterbury Headgear (Guest Review)

by Amelia Old
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It’s Job Shadowing Day! Once again my 12 year old son, Joshua, chose to spend his day with me.  We started off the day with writing a review about soccer gear. This piece is written by him. He also took the photos and edited them on his own. I think he did a great job! 

“Canterbury to me is a product that I have trusted through all the years I have played rugby. From young age to where I am now, I always go into the game confident knowing their product won’t let me down,” said Thomas Waldron.

Even though Thomas Waldron was talking about Canterbury’s rugby gear in this quote I can confirm that it is also true in the headgear they provide. The headgear they provide can be used for rugby but I use it for soccer. I am a goalkeeper and since I throw myself around I need the most protection that I can get. Purchasing this helmet was the best choice I have ever made in terms of protecting my head while in the middle of an intense game.

Canterbury has developed its helmet from a simple leather one used in the beginning of rugby and soccer to a newly designed helmet with a molding technology on the inside of the helmet. According to their website, it provides 20% more padding around the area of your head and actually molds to fit your head. The new technology that Canterbury has placed in the helmet is able to stop forms of head trauma taken after a hit, tackle, or save. They use a special  fitted foam in the padding so that it absorbs about half of the impact power. This could prevent a concussion or a minor bruise on the head. This could determine if you stay in the game or if you have to  leave the game because of an injury to the head.



I started using the Club Plus Headguard in September of 2013 and it has helped me a lot. Even though it has only been about five months it has saved me from a lot of concussions. I have been kicked in the head, someone fell on my head and I have taken a blow to the head from a ball. I was protected by my helmet each time. Since I had my helmet on I was able to stay in the game and keep playing so I could help my team win. Every athlete wants to play with zero injury and this helmet will help that happen. I have also taken a blow to the head from a post after making a save. I made an extension dive trying to save the ball from going in the net. While I was coming down with the ball, I hit my head against the post. Even though I hit a metal post it didn’t hurt as bad as it would without my helmet.


My helmet protected my head during this save last weekend!


The Club Plus Headguard has a retail price of approximately $50.00 and can be bought online at Canterbury was established in 1904 in New Zealand and is still based there today. This company provides a large amount of rugby equipment from padding to jerseys of all sponsoring teams. Canterbury sponsors some of the best rugby teams in the world such as New Zealand, England, Australia, and Russia. They also provide a small amount of softball equipment for the Australian softball team. Even though they provide products primarily for rugby, you can purchase padding for other sports such as soccer and football. They use the top technologies and materials to make their padding. This makes me confident when I go on the field wearing their headgear.

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tim February 28, 2014 - 12:01 pm

great review and glad you are being proactive in protecting yourself… vs. waiting and reacting after an injury


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