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by Amelia Old
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Today is Job Shadowing at my 11 year old son's school. This is a fun way for the children to figure out their future careers. He did pretty good on his first article, don't you think? 

Post by Joshua T. Old

Spring is a coming and the temperature is rising. This is the time of year when people generally start going outside more often. The sun’s rays are becoming more harmful. You know it’s time to bring out the sunscreen!!! Parents are  struggling to find the right sunscreen for kids.  up & up is the one!

This sunscreen is really easy to apply and you only have to apply it 15 minutes before you start enjoying the sun and water. It is also really good when you take your kids to the pool so they can hang out with some of their friends.  According to the New York Times, SPF has reached 100+ but dermatologists are saying that they are confusing consumers with the three digit numbers.


Whenever I went somewhere in the summer wearing sunscreen it never seemed to help me because I always got sunburn. When I started to use up & up kids sunscreen at the beach and playing soccer, it worked the best out of every other sunscreen I used.  Since I play soccer 4 days a week year round, this product helped me because if I got sunburn during soccer it would hurt whenever I moved the next day . The sunscreen also helped at the beach because it is SPF 50 and water resistant. This means I can enjoy the ocean for about 80 minutes before I need to reapply. 

up & up is available at Target and retails for $6.99. I have also used the up & up sport sunscreen which really works during my long hours out on the field.

Do you think SPF reaching 100 makes a difference? What is your favorite kids sunscreen?

Compensation was not received. All opinions are based solely on authors opinions from product provided by up&up.

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Andrea (Lil-Kid-Things) March 1, 2013 - 2:45 pm

Awesome post! We’ll have to check this out.

Jennifer (Savor) March 1, 2013 - 6:18 pm

They dont care about the brand as long as it is a spray lotion so it is fast and does not blow easily into their mouth like the oil based spray seem too.

sherry March 1, 2013 - 10:27 pm

I look the spray kind the best because we apply often every one buys. Great through post. We will have to try out this sunscreen when we head back out side this spring.

Jessica @FoundtheMarbles March 2, 2013 - 9:10 am

Sounds like a great product!

Jessica @Bkeepsushonest March 2, 2013 - 9:59 am

I think SPF 50 is the highest rating claim permitted by the FDA. We love Burt’s Bees Sunscreen.

Rajean March 2, 2013 - 1:53 pm

Great, honest review. I like that it came from a young person, the target audience for the product. Hope your soccer season is fun!

Shana D March 3, 2013 - 6:28 pm

We love up & up products and I have a bottle of their sunscreen at home. I don’t think spf 100 makes a difference, I think after a certain point it’s a waste.

Catherine March 3, 2013 - 10:37 pm

I’m not sure if SPF 100 makes a difference or not. I guess I should do some research. Thanks for sharing this information.

Valerie {CharmedValerie} March 4, 2013 - 10:32 am

Great review Josh!

Nikki March 6, 2013 - 3:08 am

Your post was very informative thank you for that


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