A Day in the Life….IslandAce Adventure Tours (Review)

by Amelia Old
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A couple of weeks ago my family ventured off to Hilton Head Island for the weekend. I’ve spent lots of time in the area but never with the entire family in tow. (3 children plus the dog!) I wanted to do something extra special for my other half’s 40th birthday. So, after some research I learned about IslandAce Adventure Tours. I reached out to Captain Christopher Neste, owner of IslandAce, and couldn’t believe that I received a response immediately. I really wanted to take a boat out with just my family (and the captain of course). I wanted something intimate. I wanted to see the dolphins and I wanted to see the sunset. Yeah, I know it sounds like alot to ask. But guess what? Captain Chris did not hesistate to meet my needs! To top it off? I asked him if I could bring champagne/snacks on the boat while we were on our tour. He immediately offered to pick up my items for me so that the entire evening could be more of a surprise. How awesome is that!??!

The children were on cloud 9 counting down the days til we were to surprise their dad with a boat trip. And they all kept it a secret!  The day of the expected trip, storms came and we had to cancel. After the storm passed, Captain Chris gave me a call and we were able to continue on with our regularly scheduled trip. I was so grateful that he followed up with me!

I was able to catch some amazing photographs and video of our trip.


Even the little ones can take a ride. Captain Chris provides life jackets for all ages/sizes! My little Harlow is only 2 and she LOVED the trip.


Sweet Sophia was all smiles!


Soaking up the sun? Or just posing?


After getting out on the water, it didn’t take long to come upon dolphins! And I’ll give you one guess what they were doing…….thank God we didn’t have to have “THAT” talk…..instead we heard “I SAW THAT ON ANIMAL PLANET”. Thank you cable television for teaching our children.  And yes, you do see the 11 year old taking photos that I’m sure were shared in class.


The dolphins were absolutely incredible. I couldn’t believe how close we were!

Chasing the Sunset




I highly recommend Captain Chris and IslandAce Adventure Tours, also known as Hilton Head Island Tours. His communication was impeccable, he was thorough throughout the cruise and even took the time after we returned home to make sure we had an enjoyable time. OH, let me not forget that Joshua was able to drive the boat.



We are excited to visit Hilton Head again this summer and definitely will see Captain Chris. The children loved him and so did we.

Thank you Captain Chris for this awesome family photo during our stop to check out the oysters!


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