Pretty in the Queen City Launches Limited Edition Lipstick

by Amelia Old
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That’s right my pretties. Today is THE day!!! Everyone that knows me, knows that I love red lipstick. Some call it an obsession and some even say it’s my signature. I believe the reason I gravitate towards this is because it reminds me of old Hollywood. It’s powerful yet classy. For the longest, I would only wear Chanel Dragon #75. That was the only lipstick you’d find in my bag, that I actually used. That was before I was introduced to Stanley Owings from iMpact color cosmetics. Not only did I fall in love with his entire cosmetic line because of it’s quality but it has a beautiful message behind it. iMpact’s philosphy is that true beauty and real confidence come from within-when a woman looks good, she feels good.


My 30th birthday is this month and never being one to truly celebrate this occasion, I felt this year was the year to do something different. I decided I wanted to launch a limited edition lipstick in RED! After a lovely meeting with Stanley from iMpact, we decided to partner together to make this happen. How lucky am I?!  Not many beauty lovers get to say they had their very own lipstick for sale.

With that said, TODAY-World AIDs Day, my dream has come true. For a limited time only, you will be able to purchase “i’M PITQC” from iMpact color cosmetics! To go along with this launch, $1 from every tube sold will go to RAIN:Regional AIDS Interfaith Network. 

(Actual Product Image)

“i’M PITQC” will be available today thru the last day of Decemeber. Each tube will retail for $21. You can purchase “i’M PITQC” below or visit Fuze Salon in Charlotte, NC. Fuze Salon is located at 1819 East 7th Street. 

Click the BUY NOW button to receive your very own tube of “i’M PITQC”. If you would like to receive the product immediately, please visit Fuze Salon! When purchasing via Paypal, the product will immediately be shipped.

I hope you join me in celebrating a milestone in my life and by helping a great cause.


About iMpact color cosmetics

The idea behind iMpact color cosmetics was to reflect their philosophy of simplicity in their packaging and presentation. The sleek minimalist design of each product is a subtle reminder that many times in life, less is more. The fashion houses of Calvin Klein, Prada and Armani were all inspirations for the final result. In a logo-obsessed world, they consciously made a decision to boldly be the brand of the anti-logo. They wanted their brand identifiable by more than just a logo. iMpact color cosmetics is recognized by its chic minimalism and its iconic “i” found on each product. From their “i’m special HD lip polish” to their “i’m humble lipstick” to their “i’m healthy foundation,” their underlying message with each of their products, is to use one’s life to make an iMpact on the lives of others.

About RAIN:

RAIN (Regional AIDS Interfaith Network), founded in 1992, engages the community to transform lives and promote respect and dignity for all people touched by HIV through compassionate care, education and leadership development. Services include CARE Management, Peer2Peer support & outreach, support groups for youth, faith-based training, chaplain services and caring volunteers who provide practical support to persons living with HIV and AIDS. RAIN also provides HIV awareness and prevention education programs to thousands of people each year and is the only HIV nonprofit in Charlotte providing direct client services.


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