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by Amelia Old
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Each week, I feature an individual who exemplifies my personal meaning of true beauty. A person’s inner beauty shows strength, passion, love and life. When those words come to my mind, I associate them with Katharine L’Heureux. Through her work, she is a shining example of what I strive to be and that’s why she’s this week’s Queen City Pretty.

“I strongly believe in the possibility of connecting with people from other cultures and creating an environment in which the little things we do throughout or daily lives positively affect the lives of people around the world. Even in something as seemingly inconsequential as our choice of skin care, it’s about a consciousness of the decisions we make every day” ~ Katharine L’Heureux

Katharine L’Heureux is the founder of Kahina Giving Beauty, yes the product line I rave about constantly! I believe in their products and I believe in their mission.

I am so grateful that Katharine took the time to share with us her personal views of beauty and the inspiration that guides her through her work. 


Katharine L’Heureux) 



Whatinspired your desire to create a skincare line? I didn’t set out with a conscious desire to create a skincare line. At the time this all started, I was searching for an effective organic skincare line that was well-designed. I traveled to Morocco and discovered argan oil in the Fall of 2007 and noticed a real change in my skin when I started using it. Kahina Giving Beauty developed out of a void I saw in the market as well as a firm belief that argan oil is a superior ingredient and a desire to help women in need.

 You spend your life creating products to help others feel good about themselves, how do you pamper yourself after a long week? I feel like I pamper myself everyday with my small Kahina Giving Beauty
rituals in the morning and evening. It isn’t hard and it doesn’t have to take a lot of time to make yourself feel good. You just need to live mindfully and acknowledge the small pleasures. I love what I do for work, as well as raising my three kids. When you feel rewarded everyday, the pampering at the end of the week isn’t a priority.

 What is your beauty product must have? If I have to choose, I would have to say argan oil. It is so multi-purpose and works wonders on hair and body as well as face. For the upcoming winter months, I plan to slather it onto my cuticles daily.

If I were to peek in your makeup bag, what would I find?Argan Oil, of course. I am a believer that good skin beats makeup any day. But I have to admit that I can’t go without my Jane Iredale mascara and I love Nvey lipcolor.

 What spa/salon service can you not live without? I love facials. They have obvious benefits for the skin, but I also use them to talk to the estheticians about ingredients and products they like. I always learn so much! It’s always fun to have a facial with Kahina products at Exhale spas where I can learn how they are integrating my products into their protocols.

Katharine L’Heureux)

Who is your beauty icon? Tilda Swinton I find to be incredibly beautiful in a very natural way. She
is an intelligent actress and that shines through in the way she presents herself.

 What is your definition of Beauty? In the abstract, Beauty is something that stirs the soul of the
beholder, whether it is nature, a work of art, a piece of music –or a person. For a woman to be truly beautiful, she needs to be true to her inner self, and take care of herself. It isn’t something that can simply be applied to the exterior. In a lighter sense, beauty is fun – a way for a woman to make the most of what she has.

 Any last words ? I’m amazed at the response I am getting to this simple concept of effective organic skincare that gives back to women. It is wonderful to provide women here with a product that they want while helping
women in need across the world.

I am very excited to be expanding the line with the release of our new Antioxidant Mask. The mask combines two of Morocco’s beauty traditions – argan oil and Rhassoul clay from the High Atlas Mountains, and combines them with antioxidant-rich acai and pomegranate for a wonderfully nourishing treatment.

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