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by Amelia Old
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This week’s Queen City Pretty may not be a local but she’s worthy of some recognition! Lily Morgan is no stranger to the farming business. The farmers in her family date back at least six generations!!! Lily is the Head Farm Hand and CEO of Lily Organics Skincare based in Colorado. What is unique about her company? Well, she’s the ONLY skincare company that is a USDA certified organic grower and processor AND she has her first USDA product, Kukui oil facial wrinkle treatment.

Lily provides fresh products WEEKLY and is personally involved with every step of the process. I am so impressed with Lily and her love of Mother Earth. I have spent quite a bit of time reading about Lily and viewing photos of her farm. This woman has worked hard to provide the purest skincare products available.

I want to thank Lily for taking time out of her busy schedule to answer some questions about her own beauty regimen!  I will be bringing you a review of Lily’s product line very soon so stay tuned!!!! In the meantime, check out her website at http://www.lilyorganics.com

Check out my interview with Lily!

( photo courtesy of Lily Organics Facebook Fan Page)

From ingredient growth to processing, you are involved 100% with the development of your organic skincare line. After a long week,how do you pamper yourself?  I routinely do yoga, mediation, and light work out every morning.  If I do not, I don’t feel right all day long.  I am also happiest when I get to go for a few mile walk everyday.  During the summer, because of the heavy farm work, I don’t get to do my walk nearly often enough.   I do enjoy sitting on my veranda with a glass of wine admiring my little old farm, however, sometimes that just turns into looking around and making a mental list of what else needs to be done!  I have several motorcycles I really enjoy riding and sometimes Sunday I go for a long ride in the country, especially this time of year when all the farmers near me are growing sunflowers! 

What is your beauty product must have? My must have beauty products are our Balancing Facial Toner, I never go anywhere with out it. If I travel I always bring trial size bottles and cotton balls to cleanse my skin, they are really great for overnight flights, it is completely refreshing. It also keeps the pimples away!  Another, must have, is our mist, it comes in a small one oz. bottle as well, and the lavender and sage are very relaxing and antibacterial.  I love, love, love, our U.S.D.A. certified Kukui oil facial wrinkle treatment!  I use it every night and morning in the summer.  In the winter I step it up to our Seven Facial Rejuvenating Oils which is much richer.  I do our Rejuvenating enzyme mask every time I shower, especially in the winter.
If I were to peek in your makeup bag, what would I find? If you were to peak into my make up bag, you would find the usual, mascara, foundation, eye and lip pencil and lipstick.  Because, I am just working on the farm, sometimes 7 days a week, I wont put any make up on.  I still put on the works if I have to go to  Whole Foods and visit the stores
What spa/salon service can you not live without? I hate to tell you, I never go to the salon or a spa.  Relaxation for me, these days, is just sitting on my veranda, or going to Tai chi class.
Who is your beauty icon? I always loved Joan Collins, when I was in my 20’s she was in her 50’s, she is about 30 years older me than me.  She was one of the first women, to really show up we can be gorgeous in our 50’s and way beyond!  I also like the way she does things her own way. 
What is your definition of Beauty? My definition of beauty, is being at your best.   We all want to look good, and it is not as shallow as I once thought.  There is a direct correlation between how you look and how you feel.   There is nothing more beautiful then joy and happiness, and doing what you think is important and love.  Beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder.  What you love is beautiful! 
Any last words ? That said, in my last answer, I would add that as a grower of skin care products, the most important thing for women to remember is a product cannot perform better than it’s ingredients!!  All the pretty packaging, all the hype, cannot make your skin look better, but calendula, lilies, and lavender can! 


“Founded in 1986, Lily Organics Dew Fresh Skin Care™ is a Colorado-based facial care company that creates handmade, organic skincare products incorporating ingredients from Lily’s very own organic farm, essential oils from natural botanicals, and other organically grown herbs. Dedicated to “Seed to Shelf Quality,” Lily Organics Dew Fresh Skin Care™ products are 100% non-synthetic and chemical free and are freshly produced every week in the company’s FDA-inspected lab. Lily’s commitment to the environment is as strong as her commitment to synthetic-free beauty products. In 2007 Lily Organics Dew Fresh Skin Care™ became certified by the Colorado Department of Agriculture as a Certified Organic Grower, the only skincare company in the state that has earned this designation.”


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